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SinOficina, a freelance community network for independent workers and business owners in Spain and Latin America, was created by Bosco Soler. Without spending money on paid promotion, it has developed into a membership business that generates $5,000 each month.

Bosco founded SinOficina, a virtual hub for collaboration for independent workers and business owners in Spain and Latin America. They plan activities such as coliving experiences and internet events. It has grown into a membership business that generates $5,000 a month without investing a single dollar in advertising.

Bosco Soler, a 35-year-old architect from Spain, launched SinOficina, the first online community for freelancers and small business owners in Latin America and Spain.

SinOficina, which means “Without Office” in Spanish, supports businesses by offering a virtual environment for dialogue, teamwork, and mutual growth.

The majority of our activities are carried out online, with the exception of several in-person gatherings in different Spanish cities, coliving options, and yearly community events.

Two and a half years ago, I started a subscription-based business to help me deal with my loneliness as a freelancer. Today, this business is my main source of income and generates about $5,000 per month without the use of any paid advertising.

How SinOficina Got Over 500 Paying Members

I went to Valencia University to study architecture, but after traveling the world and working as a web designer for a year, I decided that this was the lifestyle I wanted. Even if it meant disappointing my grandma and abandoning my aspirations to become an architect.

I started looking for Spanish-language online communities for entrepreneurs and freelancers since working as a freelancer may be solitary. I would rather spend money on a community that is well run and thriving than utilize a free service that is overrun with spam or excessive “noise.”

I couldn’t find any that made me feel secure. So I was successful.

How did you go about creating your product?

I started by inquiring about the issue with several of my online-working coworkers.

It seemed as though they had. Then I started talking about the idea with the 800 or so people on my email list.

In the meanwhile, I built the website using WordPress and a number of plugins for managing registers and accepting payments. The time frame was many weeks. Despite the fact that we recently switched to Discord, I also choose to use Slack as our virtual chat platform.

Then, I sent out an invitation to my list for a webinar in which I described the operation of the community and live events. I made a week-long offer as a way of saying thank you to the concept’s supporters and early adopters.

There were about thirty attendees. We currently have more than 500 paying members as a consequence.

Word-of-mouth advertising’s impact

The most common form of dissemination has always been word of mouth. They were content. There is a 3% fluctuation, generally.

Because your community is what makes it develop, they opted to only notify those who will be contributing to its growth rather than impeding it, which is another wonderful approach to weed out troublesome people.

I’ve been promoting SinOficina everywhere and taking part in a variety of events. When you are excited, others may sense your fervor and relate to the initiative’s goals and objectives.

Growth has mainly been linear. Since we haven’t yet discovered a channel that has led to exponential growth, we are always testing. Additionally, you might not want exponential growth if your firm is a community. Sometimes a gradual, steady increase is preferred.

Gaining More Customers and Subscribers into the Freelance Community

Our lifetime income is around 100,000 euros, and our monthly recurring revenue (MRR) surpasses 5,000 euros. At this point, there are about 4,000 subscribers on the mailing list. In order to focus on experimenting with new member acquisition methods and innovative solutions, I started handing off some of my most time-consuming duties, such administering the website and live sessions.

Swag and more offline events to meet other members in person are some recommendations for the near future.

What has surprised you the most since you launched SinOficina?

Being truthful will help you get credibility. even before your service or product launches. Your most important resource as a business owner is trust. Start by telling people about your journey. Begin with a small audience. Share both the good and bad qualities. Don’t be scared to show vulnerability occasionally. Persons can develop bonds.

Collaboration is not the same as working alone. It took me some time to recognize that I needed to outsource and delegate some of the tasks I was doing in order to concentrate on what I was good at and what would help SinOficina grow. I now collaborate with two other independent contractors who have more advanced skills than I have.

Be among individuals who have influence. A well-known saying is that “if you want to go far, go together; if you want to go fast, go alone.” In addition to being something I created to aid in the development of SinOficina, it also serves as an excellent inducement to join the company. It’s not necessary to go on your work trip alone if you have a solo project. There is a lot to learn from others besides authors.

The Most Important Issues and Their Solutions

The most difficult part was switching from Slack to Discord. A community moving is never an easy process. People loathe changing their routines after they’ve gotten used to something. I can now see that the choice was wise, despite the uncertainty and intense strain at the time.

One of the mistakes was the failure to fully explain the migration (by giving instructions, an appropriate re-onboarding method, etc.).

How to Run a Successful Online Business: Advice

Discord is great for communities that demand a lot of interaction. Zapier and Airtable also make it easier to manage my business.

Oh! as well as Twitter. a fantastic tool for networking and knowledge sharing.

More information:

On my personal blog and Twitter, I talk about my professional experiences and concepts.

Obviously, visiting SinOficina’s website will provide you with further information.

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