How Natalie Frankie’s Community Approach Revolutionized Business

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Natalie Frankie’s community approach revolutionized business. She is a businesswoman and the founder of a unique community, The Rising Tide Society, has been working to improve the world through platforms, services, and products. The organization was founded in 2015 after a difficult corporate environment, aiming to create a better approach to managing companies. The group has since expanded to over 300 sessions worldwide. Natalie has learned to love failure, which has helped her become a better businesswoman, leader, and community builder. She credits her mentors for teaching her leadership, team building, and overcoming challenges. Business experts and thought leaders like Brene Brown, Seth Godin, Shonda Rhimes, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Dan Ariely have influenced her business decisions, providing valuable insights and inspiration.

Natalie Frankie is a businesswoman who has built a career helping other companies succeed. She is the creator of The Rising Tide Society and leads a thriving group of visionaries and thought leaders that work together to improve the world one platform, service, or product at a time.

Hi there, Natalie! Please give the Rising Tide Society’s history! Why community approach is important for you?

Over a glass of wine and a thoughtful dinner conversation in 2015, we started to consider whether there may be a better approach to manage a company. The Rising Tide Society was founded after several months of battling to survive in a brutal corporate environment. By removing barriers and fostering deep human connections, our mission was to make sure that no entrepreneur ever had to launch a firm on their own.

Twelve coffee-style gatherings that we started have quickly expanded to 100, 200, and more than 300 sessions that now span the whole world.

What or who helped you along the way? How did you get to where you are now?

I’ve learnt to fall in love with failure, which has helped me get where I am now.

I once thought that an entrepreneur’s worst case scenario was failure. I now think that the real enemy is capitulation. Failure is a fantastic teacher and a priceless guide. I am a lot better businesswoman, leader, and community builder because of my mistakes.

Additionally, I’ve had outstanding mentors who have taught me a lot about leading a team, building a community, and overcoming challenges brought on by development.

Who or what has influenced your business decisions the most, and why?

Business experts and thought leaders like Brene Brown, Seth Godin, Shonda Rhimes, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Dan Ariely serve as sources of inspiration. They are all fantastic sources of information and have each given me something special.

How can you combine your job and personal life?

I’m not certain that there is such a thing as work-life balance. For me, work and life are intertwined. Maybe this is why I’ve never been able to properly understand the idea.

My career, which I have a deep passion for, consumes every aspect of who I am. The hustle and bustle of daily living is a part of my existence, and as I travel the world meeting other creative entrepreneurs, it frequently enhances my work.

For every person, achieving personal and professional fulfillment will seem different. Additionally, I think that the quest of equilibrium will evolve throughout life.

What happens throughout an average day for you?

Due to the numerous meetings I attend, it is not unusual for me to work 12 or more hours a day during the week. The struggle is real. I develop, scale, and empower a team of world changers while unlocking the key to grass-roots growth every day. We are continually developing instructional materials to aid thousands of community members and hundreds of local chapters in the spirit of collaboration above competitiveness. It’s a really lucrative position.

What is your favorite place to visit?

Oh, this is hard; I love taking pictures in amazing places. My two favorite places to travel are Iceland and New Zealand because of their stunning natural landscape.

What are the necessities you always carry?

I can never leave the home without my laptop, cell phone, and power pack since I am a technology-obsessed company owner. Given that I often vlog, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a camera, microphone, and memory cards scattered throughout my backpack’s compartments. I appreciate being able to take all of my tools with me so that I can produce material no matter what the situation.

What advice do you offer for our mycreative fansite readers and for young women who want to start their own businesses? Exist specific benefits and drawbacks for female company owners?

The most crucial piece of guidance I can provide female business owners is to build a community around their company. Finding people who can offer suggestions and support when required is crucial since no one should launch a business on their alone. Find other business owners who are at a similar stage of growth, get in touch with them, build connections, and make a commitment to helping one another succeed.

Do I think having a woman in a leadership position has its drawbacks?I have no doubts.

Do I think this should deter would-be business owners?Definitely not.

I don’t believe in providing reasons or in accepting the existing quo. I’ve made it my aim to build a platform that I can utilize to magnify the voices of other women rather than concentrating on the drawbacks.

A glass pane must experience several fractures in order to be crushed. It is up to us all to create an atmosphere where women may succeed in business.

Given the numerous duties you carry out in a range of enterprises, how would you define “success”?

I don’t consider achievement to be the goal.

Success is waking up every day grateful for the blessings you have received and proud of the work you have done. Success means being able to grasp the hand of the person you love while you build a life together. Success is going to bed with a full heart after working hard to achieve one’s goals.

Success is conquering your fears and doubts so that you may lead a passionate and meaningful life.The journey to success is the goal.Your own personal notion of success is something only you can decide.

What will Rising Tide Society do next?

We want to support the creative economy going forward. It is our duty to build a stage on which the viewpoints of the tremendous talent in our neighborhood may be heard. By moving from city to city, we aim to start sharing these tales.

For our constantly growing community of creatives and small business owners, we have also launched a free platform. is the URL.

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