Justine Monae’s Talent Agency: Nurturing Stars of Tomorrow

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Justine Monae, owner of Justine Monae Management, has launched her own talent agency, representing a diverse clientele including fashion designers, artists, musicians, influencers, and videographers. With clients including Courtney Sanderson, Diana Maux, and Ilo Musk, Monae aims to help her clients receive the recognition and respect they deserve. After working in the industry for five years, Monae decided to take the leap and work on her own, committing to giving it her all and working her way up to the top.

Owner of Justine Monae Management, Justine Monae, has launched her very own talent agency. Courtney Sanderson, Diana Maux, Ilo Musk, and a host of others are among her clientele. Each influencer works with brands like Bang, various clothing manufacturers, and even musicians like Dababy and French Montana. In-depth explanations of what it means to be a woman and how femininity affects the corporate world are provided by Justine.

Please describe what you do in your own words

I handle talent and brands. I represent a variety of people, including fashion designers, artists, musicians, influencers, and videographers.

How did you decide to start Justine Monae Management?

I worked a full-time job, went to school, and operated a couple side hustles and a brand before starting my own company. I worked in this industry for around five years before deciding to take the chance and start Justine Monae Management. I’ve always loved working in business and helping people. While working in the field, I saw how many great people were misused, and I wanted to help the people I worked with get the praise and respect they are due.

How did you get interested in working on your own?

I think a lot of people like the idea of being their own boss, and I was one of them. But initially, the procedure was terrifying. I had become accustomed to adhering to “the book,” going to class, and working from 9 to 5. That’s good, but it took me five years of side-hustling management before I eventually put myself first and took the chance. I’ve never wanted to consider “what if.” I promised myself that although though I could always go back to my former career if it didn’t work out, if I was going to do this, I would give it all I had and work my way up to the top.

What part of becoming your own boss was the hardest?

The fact that there are no vacation days is the worst part of working for yourself. You may choose your own schedule, but you are not permitted to log out at the end of the day or go on vacation for two weeks without checking your email. You cannot be replaced, and my clients rely on me. I have a lot of influence on their professional lives, therefore I can’t fail.

What facets of your education and training have influenced your achievement the most? Give some instances of an entrepreneur’s day-to-day activities. Exist any criteria for continuous education that must be met?

I regularly felt the need to defend myself more because I am a woman working in a field where men predominate. Just to get a place at the table, I had to bring more things. Another factor in my choice to seek a master’s degree was this. It was amazing to see how their attitude toward me changed after they found out I had a master’s.

I started managing while I was working toward a bachelor’s degree. Even though college wasn’t necessary, having a degree would have aided me in moving up in the corporate world where I was working at the time. I learned a ton about the industry from my colleagues as a talent and brand manager. My early years resembled a period of training. I had to be careful to make the right choices because I was representing my client in meetings with major businesses. I felt forced to pay close attention to everyone around me because I knew I could learn something from them. I also attended more classes and did a lot of internet research to further my education in the field. After years of experience, I believed I possessed the “street smarts” necessary to manage talent and brands, but I yearned for the “book smarts” as well. To better myself in all facets of business, I made the decision to pursue a master’s degree in business. I wanted to comprehend all points of view.

It often reminds me of a skilled performer. How can a dancer who has honed their craft for years stay one step ahead of the competition? study more dance forms. To enhance their balance and give their moves more edge, think about ballet or hip hop. I wanted to stay on top of the competition and be knowledgeable about the many business avenues.

Which of your personal traits has helped you succeed in your career? What are some ways that fresh graduates might develop their unique abilities to boost their careers?

the ability to be patient and maintain composure in difficult circumstances. That is crucial. Oftentimes, something goes wrong on set or a customer flips out because a production is not going as expected. You must uphold order and keep everyone in harmony in your role as manager. You cannot disclose a problem, no matter how unpleasant it might be. There were times when I wanted to cry because I wasn’t sure how we would do certain duties, but I had to keep my cool, find a solution, and take action. Everyone anticipates a solution from the management.

When I think back on the past, I see that all the odd situations I’ve been put in and how they all worked out have taught me this lesson. It has taught me to maintain my composure and have faith in the outcome.

How did your business develop to where it is now? What circumstances contributed to your success?

links to others. I value relationships greatly, and keeping solid business partnerships is key. Many of my clients have come to me through other business partners or previous coworkers. My career has been greatly aided by the luxury of having people suggest me to clients or acquaintances because of our mutually excellent ties. I’ve been able to continue to be successful through maintaining strong relationships.

What piece of advice would you give potential students if you could?

If you’re enthusiastic about something, go for it, put in the effort, and don’t allow anyone else’s doubts stop you. Make that your inspiration to push yourself harder. Although it won’t be easy, it is incredibly rewarding once you start attaining your job goals. Even though I accomplished all management responsibilities in my early years as a manager, I was told that my name was too little for them to bestow the title. Now that I think about it, I grin. I have my own business, a billboard, highly brilliant customers, and amazing business connections here in Times Square, New York. My clients are what keep me here; my work ethic, persistence, and sleepless nights got me here. I can’t thank them enough for having faith in me and giving me control over their careers.

What guidance do you have for those who want to reenergize their life by finding a new job, moving, etc.?

The unknown is more terrifying than change. Years passed before I finally decided to commit myself fully to the growth of Justine Monae Management. Because I was so used to going to work, getting a regular paycheck every two weeks, and having health insurance, working for myself meant I was responsible for all of these things on my own. I had to put in a lot of effort to keep a consistent income. I found it quite challenging to step outside of my comfort zone, but once I did, I felt a strange mix of anxiety and relief. I didn’t want to think about what would have transpired if I had taken that opportunity five years from now. It’s challenging at first because you’re adjusting, but if you get beyond your anxieties and put yourself first, it will be well worth it.

How do you manage a balanced work-life situation?

Years were needed to come to this conclusion. Finding a healthy balance between work and personal life is essential, in my opinion. There will be late nights occasionally, but you will be expected to work diligently. Running a business also depends on you staying healthy. I was supposed to set up “office hours” when I would be open to client conversations and queries. Even if you work beyond the normal 9 to 5 hours as a company owner, you still need to establish a limit so that you give yourself time at the end of the day to relax and allow your body and mind to heal. Vacations are also very important. You will periodically need to check your email and work, but you still have a life to live. Success demands good health and happiness.

Just who are your clients?

This is where I brag about working with some of the best clients ever. They are genuinely nice people that have a sincere enthusiasm for their craft. Jojo Guadz, aka The Prince of Twerk, has certainly been twerking on some of your favorite television shows. Cassidy Payne, a dancer and model with popular social media videos. Jasmine Shannon, a skilled performer and choreographer, is now on tour with Coi Leray and Moneyback Yo. A Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, The Stalone.  Ilo Musk, a successful model and real socialite, is also referred to as the “Shot O’Clock Queen.” Model Liz Estrada is well-known and has appeared in some of the most well-liked music videos. Kianna Vestuto is a fitness coach and model. Award-winning filmmaker of music videos is Monsee Wood. Sprites go past Rapper and Artist Eclipse Darkness. The infamous Handstand Twerk Queen is Courtney Sanderson. Juliana Valencia, a celebrity makeup artist. Heather Presley is a fashion designer. Dancer Lexi Nitz is well-known on Tik tok. These are a few of the remarkable people I have the honor to represent.

More information

You can visit my website or contact me on LinkedIn

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