Sustainable Fashion Beyond Reality: Ekaterina Gorbik’s Digital Transformation

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Ekaterina Gorbik, an influencer in the design and sustainability industries, has partnered with online fashion shop XR Couture in early 2021 to promote sustainable fashion. She highlights the environmental benefits of digital fashion, such as creating digital images with impractical forms and textures. Gorbik believes virtual clothing is the most practical route towards a more sustainable fashion sector due to its affordability, speed of production, and lack of environmental harm. Virtual fashion eliminates costs of clothing upkeep and disposal, cutting emissions by 95%.

Ekaterina Gorbik loves fashion, and she utilizes social media to share looks and glimpses into her life with her fans. She welcomed a partnership with online fashion shop XR Couture in early 2021 since she cares about the environment. She speaks with us about the potential environmental effects of social media-based digital fashion in this instance.

What are the biggest benefits of digital fashion, particularly for your industry?

The environmental effect of virtual clothing is my main responsibility as a specialist in the design and sustainability industries. The ability to generate a digital image with forms and textures that would be impractical to employ in real life is also crucial to me as an influencer. For instance, shimmering objects, wallets made of crocodile skin, and gowns with detailed architecture. The ability to wear objects that cannot be worn in reality is a major benefit of digital clothes.

What is currently the most practical route toward a more sustainable fashion sector, in your opinion?

The main goal of a consumer’s garment purchase is to produce content every tenth time. The things are then either delivered back to the retailer or dumped in a landfill.

As a result of its affordability, speed of production, ability to exist in smaller amounts, and lack of environmental harm, virtual clothing acquires significance in this setting that goes beyond that of mere amusement. Virtual fashion eliminates the expenses of clothing upkeep and disposal while cutting emissions by 95%.

This business tactic can help the sector consume in a more responsible and sustainable way. The rest will place pre-orders for genuine apparel from traditional designers, while others who merely want a new outfit can buy digital stuff.

Obviously, this format won’t replace our analog apparel entirely, but it will surely take some market share.

What do you think is required to help the digital fashion trend become more widely accepted? Do you want more people to wear digital clothing?

Indeed, I do. We may talk about the predominance of digital fashion once we spot one or two digital dresses in the wardrobes of Chiara Ferragni, Leonie Hanne, and other well-known bloggers.

What characteristics and directions do you think the future of digital fashion will take?

I want people to see digital fashion as a small way they can contribute to the sustainability of our world rather than as a spectacle.

Do you think influencer culture is being disrupted by digital fashion? If so, is the outcome favorable or unfavorable?

The culture of influence is not eliminated by digital fashion; rather, it is elevated to a new level while widening the market for influencers. Few individuals can afford a $4,500 USD Chanel purse, but many influencers can buy a $20 USD virtual bag, even in the tiniest places in the globe.

How does publishing a digital outfit compare to a physical one in terms of reaction and engagement?

My community reacted considerably more favorably to the photos I shared of myself wearing digital apparel than to those of myself sporting, say, Dior eyewear or a Bottega Venetta pocketbook. Only anything fresh may catch our attention anymore, perhaps because so many individuals have the same noses, lips, handbags, and other accessories as one another. Additionally, the production of digital garments is new to us.

Do you think you’ll ever re-wear any of the products you’ve already bought because Digital Fashion items are usually created with the hyper-consumerist gaze of social media in mind? Why?

Digital clothing needs to be lively, not just in terms of color, but also in terms of visual attractiveness. To “go out” in the social media realm, we too need appropriate digital clothes. It has a specific function; its impact is more significant than its capacity to guarantee bodily wellness. Additionally, if the outcome is based on the quantity of likes, I think it may be worn frequently.

Do you think influencers should to indicate whether or not a piece of clothing is digital?

Certainly, if we’re talking about the appeal of virtual clothing. It is nevertheless analogous to advertising, even if it is sustainable.

Are you a pioneer or is the influencer community talking about digital fashion? Are your coworkers as excited about this new breakthrough as you are?

During the lockout, I was employed by a big oil and gas business in the sustainability division. I’ve also always been interested in fashion; it’s my passion.

Due to the fact that physical businesses were closed and clothes orders placed online took several days or even weeks to arrive, I and many other people who were confined to their homes wanted to start posting more regularly on Instagram.

I had a lot of substance, but the clothes I was wearing had problems. I use the hashtag #DressForClimate on my Instagram page. I was given the opportunity to work with a digital apparel platform via it to demonstrate how clothing can fight climate change. I released my first digital outfit in this manner. There aren’t many influencers wearing digital clothing right now, but I think that will change shortly.

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