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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Shopify’s Role in a Post-Pandemic World

Clark Rabbior, Head of Government Relations at Shopify, provides a firsthand account

By Paul

Justine Monae’s Talent Agency: Nurturing Stars of Tomorrow

Justine Monae, owner of Justine Monae Management, has launched her own talent

By Paul

DorcasCreates: Empowering Black Women Through Creative Expression

DorcasCreates, a brand of art and design honoring the strength and beauty

By Paul

Building a Developer-Community: Balancing Software Development and Blogging

Monica, a native American software developer and engineering manager, founded Blogging for

By Paul

Behavior-Tracking Excellence: Habitify’s Path to 1 Million Users

Peter, an iOS developer, founded Habitify, a behavior-tracking software that helps users

By Paul

Unveiling MagicPattern: A Creation by Software Engineer and Designer, Jim Raptis

Jim Raptis, a Greek designer, software engineer, and freelance programmer, introduced MagicPattern

By Paul