A Voice for Women’s Empowerment and Social Change, Xenia Tchoumi

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Swiss-Italian Xenia Tchoumi, a public speaker, influencer, and digital entrepreneur, gained fame after finishing second in the Miss Switzerland pageant. She used her platform to fight prejudice and promote women’s emancipation. Tchoumi interned at respected companies like Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase and has gained 1.5 million Instagram followers and a web magazine with 7.4 million daily visitors. She has worked with companies like Bulgari, American Express, Tom Ford, Versace, and Rolls Royce. Tchoumi has been invited to speak at the UN meeting in Geneva and supports battling social media’s drawbacks. She emphasizes the importance of addressing gender-based bias and promoting gender equality in society.

Public speaker, influencer, and digital entrepreneur Xenia Tchoumi is Swiss-Italian. She became well-known in Switzerland after finishing second in the Miss Switzerland pageant. She subsequently made use of her position to fight prejudice and promote women’s emancipation. In favor of a career in finance, Xenia rejected the idea of a generalized model and interned at a number of respected companies, including Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase. Tchoumi continued to grow and enhance her social media presence online, gaining 1.5 million Instagram followers and a web magazine with over 7.4 million daily visitors.

Because of her online popularity, she has worked with companies including Bulgari, American Express, Tom Ford, Versace, and Rolls Royce.

Xenia is advancing women’s emancipation by using her platform and voice. She was invited to speak at the UN meeting in Geneva about the influence of digital women in business, and she also supports battling the drawbacks of social media by being open with her followers about her challenges and failures.

How do you use your position to advance women’s empowerment and gender equality?

I have been quite outspoken on this issue. I highlight the gender-based bias I have experienced and tell young women that it is unacceptable and something they should not allow by drawing on my own narrative and experiences as a young female entrepreneur.

Even in today’s highly developed society, many people still harbor unconscious biases. Even if it is not the norm, it is totally acceptable for a woman to ask a guy to dinner, pay for his beverages, or even make a proposal to him. This exemplifies how deeply established inequality is in our society.

Women can also be femininely dressed, beautiful, and entirely respected for their thoughts. Being a feminist does not always mean being anti-male; in fact, many men identify as feminists.

On Instagram alone, you have built your personal brand and accumulated 1.5 million active followers, not to mention the rest of the global community. What advice would you give someone looking to grow their own brand in this way?

Be very consistent and honest with yourself. If you find a publishing approach that works, stick with it. When dealing with brands, develop the ability to select those companies and brand messaging that speak to you and what your brand represents. Learning how to reject collaborations that do not support your message is as important.

Your brand and selling point must be defended.

I also advise you to have a mission and a goal in mind. Your visual material may be swiftly dissected by the internet community, therefore your brand needs to be credible. You need to convey more than just a picture of a stunning sunset to your audience.

You talk about the drawbacks of social networking. What should be done, in your opinion, to create a more uplifting, healthy, and supporting environment?

Social media abuse can have a harmful effect on mental health. It’s obvious that the internet world presents a sanitized and warped image of reality. The temptation of thinking you are not good enough or that your life is not as attractive as those you see online, however, is tremendously easy to fall into. It is important to understand that individuals like to offer just their best appearances and experiences since their followers find them more enticing. In the real world, self-worth, interpersonal connection, and attention span are essential, but excessive usage of social media can degrade these.

I think it’s excellent to draw attention to this feature of social media platforms in order to serve as a reminder to everyone that things are not always as they seem on the internet and combat the negative aspects of the internet.

In the past, you have collaborated as an influencer with an impressive list of businesses. How do you envision influencer marketing developing in the future?

This industry is dynamic. Digital marketing is never stagnant because brands are growing more skilled at it. Every few months, social network algorithms change, and this also affects how companies contact customers. In a virtual reality environment where influencers are represented by holograms or avatars, perhaps one day we will all be fully immersed. People will get closer to their role models as the gap between influencers and their followers continues to reduce, in my opinion.

What degree of accountability do you think influencers have for being truthful and open with their audiences? Should they be held responsible for how their audiences are affected by their social media feeds?

Regulators are starting to understand how to enforce advertising transparency laws as the industry consolidates. ‘#ad’ or’sponsored posts’ are becoming required in a lot of countries. Most influencers reveal compensated agreements because they feel a moral duty to their followers. Engagement-wise, it’s not a concern because you may get paid for utilizing a service that you really believe in. For instance, the vast majority of the goods I recommend are things I would use personally and buy if I weren’t running this kind of company. Influencers must understand that credibility is built on honesty and trust with your audience.

What guidance would you provide to aspiring female business owners?

Never stop moving ahead. Inside, in the heart and mind, is where success starts. Never be scared to ask (it won’t hurt) in order to open new doors; don’t worry about coming out as pushy; and don’t worry about getting turned down. In the beginning, there will be a lot of closed doors, but if you are committed to your goal or concept, this should not discourage you. It is always a typical feature of the trip and process. Do learn from your mistakes, but remember that those who keep going will ultimately succeed. Finally, choose a mentor you look up to and respect.

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